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Palustris Katz
Our Alpine Garden expert on the forum gets around. Here Palustris has shared the photos he took at the many Alpine Garden Shows he visits.


Feb 2011

Feb 2011

March 2011

March 2011

April 2011

May 2011

Pershore 2010 - A few pictures taken at the Alpine Garden Society Show in Pershore July 2010
Wilmslow 2010 - Some of the plants on display at the East Cheshire Alpine Society group  show in May 2010
Blackpool 2011 - Photos taken at the Alpine Garden Society and Scottish Rock Garden Club show in Blackpool,  March 12th. 2011
Whitworth 2011 - Some of the wonderful plants on show at the Alpine Garden Show in Whitworth. March 19th. 2011 Organised by the East Lancashire local group
Solihul 2011 - Some of the plants on display at the AGS show in Knowle near Solihul on April 9th. 2011.
East Cheshire - Some of the plants on display at the East Cheshire section of the Alpine Garden Society. The show was held in Wilmslow, Cheshire in May 2011.

Lyn and Malcolm
Ferndown, Dorset,
England, UK

April 10

The plants at Lyn and Malcolms Garden
The biggest project to date. Malcolm has published his full plant list - well over 1000 plants. This garden is open to the public. The TV cameras arrive on Wed 3rd Sept for a photo shoot, for a Gardeners World project.

R A Meredith & Son
Bressingham, England, UK

April 10

R A Meredith New Plant Development
New plants are entered into trials from all over the UK, Europe, USA etc.
This web site created by Paul Gooderham, New Plant Development Manager.

Palustris Katz

24th Mar 09

1) The list of plants in my Garden
A large, 3/4 of an acre country garden with alpine areas, island herbaceous beds and woodland areas.

2) The making of my Garden
A set of photos showing how the garden looked in 1995, through to another aerial photo taken in 2005 showing the final design garden.

3) August Garden Tour
A pictorial account of a walk around Pal’s garden.
Refer to the Aerial photo in the previous set to appreciate this little tour.

Mike Smith
Hants, England

14th Jan 09

1) FoBBS Bonsai Display at the Chelsea Flower Show 2008
The gold medal winning bonsai display presented by the Federation of British Bonsai Societies (FoBBS) at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London 2008

2) Bonsai Projects
A small webpage to inspire you to explore the creative activities associated with the world of bonsai.


8th Oct 08

My Begonia list
It took a “little” persuasion to get the Boss to have a go with the Web Page Generator. (I think he enjoyed it). Heres the result.
A set of photos of the Tuberous Begonias grown by our friend Toby.

Phil Hunt
Co. Limerick, Ireland

26th June 08

1) Garden Plants By Post
Phil is starting up an online garden nursery business.
Note that the WPG allows incorporation of a shopping cart.
We hope to develop this feature further.

2) Garden and Plant Photos Of A Cottage In Ardagh
Showing the progress of making flower beds, starting a plant nursery and generally converting a field overgrown in rushes to a respectable garden

Lynda Adlington
Malaga, Spain

5th May 08

The sunken terrace project
A rather large project, digging out the front of the house to put french doors into basement rooms and creating a sunken terrace with waterfall with steps leading up to the swimming pool.

L.A. Crosby
Castle Rock, WA, USA

25th Jul 07

As you will see in this web project, Larry likes color. This gardens change colors several times during the year, depending on what is in bloom.

George Kelly, Ireland

8th Aug 08

A walk through Belfast Botanic Gardens, Belfast N Ireland
A set of personal photos, with emphasis on plants requiring an I.D. Fun for members on the forum - they love the challenge.

Kathy & Laurie
North Yorkshire

29th May 08

Harlow Carr Gardens, Harrogate, UK
A set of personal photos taken at RHS Gardens. Harlow Carr

Col Smith
Bouvard, Australia

2nd April 08

The Native plants of Western Australia on my block
This web site gives you a look at the Natural Flora found on Col’s 3 acre block in Western Australia

Dalcross Castle

24th Mar 08

A set of photos from Tom Lowrie - Head Gardener, Dalcross Castle
Tom's objective is to create an Exciting Garden for the Owners, their guests, and himself. He is very interested in Collecting Rare and Unusual Plants and Trees.

Kathy & Laurie
North Yorkshire

10th Feb 08

Small and medium suburban gardens in North Yorkshire, UK
Gardeners love a challenge, and here we have a set of photos to visually illustrate a very active topic on the forum. Follow the progress as Kathy and Lauries garden develops, with suggestions from members of the forum.

John Bullivant

29th Jan 08

John Bullivants impressive garden on Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
The first of what I hope will be many sets of photos of this fascinating garden. Its a real treat!

Sherwood Gardens
Exeter, England, UK

5th Jan 08

Sherwood Gardens, England, UK
A selection of plants from a National Collection of Knaphill Azaleas
This garden (2708 plants recorded) is currently being documented using both Flower Genie and Ideas Genie Pro

Peter Merrett Gardening
Devon, England, UK

6th Dec 07

An unusual front garden in England by Peter Merrett Gardening
A very innovative design supplemented with unusual plants.

Keith Nash, N.Wales, UK

2nd Dec 07

Springbank Garden - A private garden in North Wales, UK
A mature plantsmans garden.

Stan V. Griep, CO, USA

3rd July 07

Stans Rose Gardens in Northern Colorado
Better known in Forum circles on the net as Stan the Roseman.

Lee Sherman NM, USA

26th June 07

Zebra Park
Lees rose garden in New Mexico, USA

Tina Wilson WA, USA

24th May 07

The Circle Garden
More Projects by Tina - Visit my website

André Degeest,Belgium

23rd May 07

De Camellia's in de Botanische Tuin van Leuven
More Projects by André - Visit my website

David Quicke, England

19th May 07

Higher Knowle, Devon England
The plants in this garden are documented using Flower Genie

George Kelly, Ireland

17th May 07

1) N. Ireland Dahlia Society - The Annual Show 2008
TA set of photos taken at the Annual Show held in Hillsborough, Co Down

2) The Camellias at Leuven Botanical Gardens, Belgium
A presentation of photos taken by André Degeest, Belgium.
The same photos are presented with text in Dutch in another project on this page.

3) You’ll find my garden in my web site,



Maria (Pitiella) is from Rome, Italy . Maria will inspire those who do not have a garden with her fantastic Container Garden. Over 100 plant varieties in pots, many definitely NOT what you would expect!
Her English is excellent!
Visit my site.




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